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1891 Biographical

These biographies are not just full of information about the person, but typically include valuable information about their relatives and ancestors. Although these sketches from Portrait & Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties may not always be accurate, they can be used as a valuable springboard for your research.

Aderton, Henry K
Anderson, James W
Andrews, Thomas
Auer, Conrad
Auer, Jacob

Bain, Levi C
Barber, Albert
Barber, William E
Barry, P C
Beaty, Robert C
Bechdoldt, George P
Bechdolt, George P
Becker, Charles P
Becker, John
Beeman, Montillion
Bell, Henry
Berrey, Isaac S
Bizaillion, Francis I
Borrowman, John
Borrowman, Sarah
Brenn, Jacob
Buchanan, William V
Bunch, Isaac
Byrd, Sarah

Child, George B
Clugsten, William P
Cockrell, David D
Cockrell, William P
Corbitt, Bartholomew
Crader, Alexander
Crader, Henry T
Cresswell, George M
Cresswell, Joseph
Crosby, John D

Delong, Luther A
Deverger, Charles
Dewey, James M
Dierking, Frederic
Dillon, John M
Dirksmeyer, Anton
Douglass, James R

Earley, James

Fisher, Morris
Foiles, James
Foiles, John
Foiles, Lewis
Foiles, Parthena A
Fowler, Jeremiah
Fowler, William P
Franke, Justus
Frazer, Jerome B
Freesmeyer, Rotger
Friedel, George
Funk, Henry

Garner, William
Geeding, Simon A
Godar, Paul
Goewey, Abram P
Gourley, Samuel S
Graff, George P
Greathouse, Francis M
Gresham, Bradford P
Gueck, Fred

Hadley, Alonzo
Hamilton, Elias
Hannehen, John A
Haper, George F
Harlow, Francis M
Harlow, Humphrey D
Harrison, George
Harrison, Joseph C
Hemphill, Alexander
Hirst, William
Hosey, Edward
Hunter, Charles D

Imming, Henry
Ingle, William T

Jennings, William S
Johns, Allen
Johns, Leo T
Johnson, Lewis C
Jones, Allen M D

Kamp, M A
Kinscherff, Michael
Klaas, John W
Klaas, Lukas
Kneese, John
Knese, John

Lamar, Ziprien
Lammy, Chittic C
Lane, John S
Linkogel, John A
Long, George W
Long, Lemuel
Love, William
Lumley, Thomas
Lumley, Turner
Lynn, Francis M

Marshall, Francis
McAtee, Lucy F
McClure, George C
McDonald, John
McDonald, Stephen
Merida, Samuel J
Miller, Wiley
Mortland, James
Mortland, John
Mortland, William

Nevius, David S H
Nicholas, Morrison J

Pinero, Edmond A
Piper, William M
Plummer, William H
Poor, Edward B
Pope, George M
Pregaldin, Victor
Pulliam, Winfield W

Retzer, George
Retzer, John
Rohning, Charles C
Rose, John D
Roth, Adam A
Roth, Augustus
Rustemeyer, Peter
Ruyle, William

Schleeper, Frank
Schleeper, Henry
Sevier, Albert
Sibley, Youngs
Sidwell, John
Simpson, Elias
Simon, John
Smith, John
Smith, Levi J
Smith, Sarah J
Smith, William H
Smyth, Alcinous
Snyders, Peter
Sommer, Clemens
Southworth, Slocum
Squier, Charles C
Squier, Charles W
Suhling, John

Temple, John T
Tharp, James C
Thomas, Levi
Thursten, David J
Todd, Marion
Turner, Samuel
Twichell, Carlton A

Watson, Charles A
White, Samuel A
Williams, George A
Wilson, Andrew C
Wilson, Jesse
Winterhalter, Blasius
Wintjen, Andreas
Wirth, Michael
Wood, Charles L

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