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Calhoun County was created in January 10, 1825. Located at the tip of the peninsula formed by the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers, Calhoun County is almost completely surrounded by water.

"In 1790 the region now included in Illinois was part of the Northwest Territory and the two counties in Illinois were St. Clair and Knox. In 1801 the region became a part of the Indian Territory and in 1809 the Illinois Territory was formed, and continued until 1818 when Illinois became a state.

"From 1801 to 1812 the territory now included within Calhoun County was a part of St. Clair County. It then became a part of Madison County and remained in that county until the formation of Pike County in 1821. For the next four years it was a part of Pike, and then ...

"The southern part of Pike County was cut off, by an act of the Legislature of Illinois, and made into a separate county.

"The new county was named Calhoun in honor of John C. Calhoun one of the greatest of the southern statesmen at that time." 1934 History of Calhoun County

Currently, Hardin is the county seat.


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