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1891 Biography - Henry Crader

HENRY T. CRADER, a native-born citizen of Calhoun County, has been an eye witness to much of the development of this region and rejoices in the growth which has taken place from year to year in all that adds to the prosperity and civilization of the residents. He was born March 19, 1842, and passed his early years amid comparatively primitive scenes, bearing a part even in boyhood in agricultural pursuits. He received his education in the subscription schools of the county and on the foundation thus obtained has built a good fund of knowledge regarding general topics of interest, his constant aim being to keep posted regarding the events of the day.

The parents of our subject were Samuel and Elizabeth (Allen) Crader, natives of Germany and England respectively. They are numbered among the pioneers of Calhoun County and are still remembered by many of its citizens as people of sincere piety, useful habits and great energy. Samuel Grader settled in Hamburg Precinct near the farm now occupied by our subject, and by his energy and perseverance was ere long the owner of a well-improved estate, much of which was under heavy timber when he took possession of it. He and his wife held membership in the Christian Church and he was a Whig in politics. Their family included ten sons and daughters, of whom but four are now living. These are Isaac, Nancy, Lurana and Henry, all of whom live within the limits of the county; Nancy is the wife of Silas Wilson, their home being in Hamburg Precinct and Lurana married William Kincaid and lives in the same precinct.

Henry Crader adopted for his vocation in life that which he had learned in his early boyhood and he has been well rewarded for his agricultural efforts. With practically no means when he established his own home in 1861 he has accumulated an estate of five hundred and twenty acres, the greater part of which is now under cultivation. A visitor to his farm will find there a comfortable and substantial dwelling, a full line of farm buildings and will see that modern appliances are used in carrying on the work of the estate and that the stock which roams over the pastures is of good breeds and grades.

In June, 1861, Mr. Crader led to the hymeneal altar Miss Sarah Hacker who died leaving one child, Melissa, now the wife of Hamilton Williams. Our subject subsequently married Lizzie Crader who bore him six children, four of whom are now living, viz: Herman, Charles, Marietta and Sarah J. The last named is the wife of Elmer Blackerby. Being again bereaved of his companion Mr. Crader was united in marriage with Lugene Lamaster. This union resulted in the birth of three children, Shelby alone being now alive. The present wife of Mr. Crader bore the maiden name of Polly Campbell. She is the mother of two sons — Grover C. and Lamont.

Mr. Crader has frequently been solicited to accept positions of public trust but has always declined, preferring the quietude of home life to the turmoil of politics and finding sufficient occupation in the management of his personal affairs. He is a member of the Christian Church, identified with the congregation on Indian Creek where he gave land as a church site and also contributed largely of his means toward the erection of the building. A conscientious Christian, believing in and practicing the doctrine of brotherly kindness, he is regarded with respect by his neighbors and acquaintances who also look upon him as an excellent farmer.

Extracted 16 Mar 2017 by Norma Hass from Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois, published in 1891, pages 451-452

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