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Here is a log of the latest updates, changes, and additions to this Calhoun County ILGenWeb site.

2021 Feb 26 - Added a few Resource links
2021 Feb 23 - Restored Marty Crull's notes about Sheriff Lammy's murder, plus a few other misc. items

2020 Nov 08 - Thanks to W. David Samuelson, added Resource link to Will Book Testators Index
2020 Aug 08 - Added 1825-1900 marriages
2020 Aug 07 - Thanks to Ingrid Bast's interest, added some Marriage records
2020 Jul 13 - Added Meinhart & William Pohlman descendants charts
2020 Apr 22 - Thanks to Stacy Ryan, added list in surnames of the last 24 pages of 1967 Calhoun is My Kingdom
2020 Feb 26 - Thanks to Benjamin Green, added 1967 Calhoun is My Kingdom
2020 Jan 29 - Thanks to Dave Pointer, added Resource link to new ILCALHOUN query board and mailing list
2020 Jan 24 - Restored Hanks Funeral Home records transcription

2019 Nov 30  Thanks to Cheryl Rothwell, added Resource link to Coal Mining in Illinois
2019 Oct 19  Added an extraction and Resource link for Stories from Illinois History
2019 Aug 19  Restored 1860 & 1870 census images
2019 May 30  Added Jack Baugh and Ralph Brangenberg obituaries
2019 May 26  Thanks to Sharon Urban, updated FOX Family Photos page
2019 Apr 13  Thanks to Joe Hunter, added first draft of HUNTER descendants chart
2019 Mar 02  Thanks to Doug Dawson, improved the GESKE and HAYES descendants charts
2019 Feb 25  Thanks to Ray Killebrew, added his KILLEBREW, HAGEN, HOSEY, CRADER, MILLER, and CROSBY query
2019 Feb 25  Thanks to Doug Dawson, added his Nov 2018 query, and added Wm GESKE and Wm HAYES descendants
2019 Feb 03  Added extraction and Resource link to History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois

2018 Nov 06  Added marriage listings for surnames C through Z
2018 Oct 28  Thanks to FamilySearch, added Resource link to naturalization records
2018 Sep 30  Thanks to Dennis Partridge, restored index to 1981 cemeteries book
2018 Aug 06  Thanks to Dennis Partridge, restored more census pages
2018 Aug 05  Thanks to Dennis Partridge, restored some census pages
2018 Jun 22  Added 1900 1930 births
2018 May 07  Thanks to Dennis Partridge, fixed link to neighboring St. Charles County MOGenWeb
2018 Apr 26  Thanks to Bob Fahrig, fixed Allie's name in James CLENDENNY's obituary
2018 Apr 25  Thanks to Bob Fahrig, added his Caroline Nancy JONES query
2018 Apr 07  Thanks to Tim Stowell, added Galbraith's railway map
2018 Mar 08  Thanks to Colleen Bratka, updated County Clerk's phone number and address
2018 Feb 15  Thanks to Ann Mensch, added Korean War Fatal Casualties list
2018 Feb 12  Thanks to Ann Mensch, added Vietnam Fatal Casualties list

2017 Dec 29  Thanks to Dennis Partridge, restored Brockell, Fox, and Boyer family photos
2017 Dec 11  Thanks to ILGenWeb, added Mexican American War link
2017 Sep 07  Thanks to Jean Brandt, added William WILLOUGHBY query
2017 Jul 24  Thanks to Dennis Partridge, restored Fuller and St. Mary cemetery photos
2017 Jul 23  Thanks to Dennis Partridge, restored 1919 Auto Owners, Veteran Burials, and Cemetery burials
2017 Jun 26  Thanks to Dennis Partridge, restored a variety of items
2017 Jun 25  Thanks to Marsha Bryant of Templates In Time, this site is now more mobile friendly
2017 Jun 24  Thanks to Dennis Partridge, restored newspaper articles
2017 Jun 23  Added a precinct map
2017 May 20  Added full extraction of 1934 History of Calhoun County
2017 Mar 23  Added remaining 1891 biographies
2017 Mar 16  Added more 1891 biographies
2017 Feb 13  Added a few more 1891 biographies
2017 Jan 24  Added more 1891 biographies

2016 Dec 08  Added a few 1891 biographies
2016 Nov 11  Restored 1883 Pensioners
2016 Oct 27  Added World War II Army enlistments
2016 Oct 21  Thanks to Dennis Partridge, restored French Settlers, Village Organization, Whisman pieces, and Calhoun Fiddler pages
2016 Oct 11  Added Civil War lists, 1929 Honor Roll, and Soldiers' & Sailors' Home Residents
2016 Oct 01  Added 1878 1903 death extractions from IL Archives
2016 Sep 15  Thanks to Dennis Partridge, restored the rest of Marty Crull's obituaries
2016 Sep 14  Thanks to Dennis Partridge, restored Marty Crull's SSDI listing, some obituaries, and a few photos
2016 Aug 20  Thanks to Dennis Partridge, restored Marty Crull's (previous county coordinator) Almshouse page, early births, and plat maps
2016 Jul 02  Added 1916 1950 death extractions from IL Archives
2016 Jun 05  Added extractions from 1919 Farmer's Directory
2016 May 15  Added marriages for surnames A and B
2016 Apr 28  New County Coordinator, Norma Hass, changed to new look courtesy of Marsha Bryant of Templates in Time

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