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1891 Biography - Anton Dirksmeyer

ANTON DIRKSMEYER. Among the sturdy German-American citizens of Calhoun County who have labored long and well in connection with the development of this section, is the gentleman above named, who resides on section 19, Hamburg Precinct. Coming herewith but little means in 1850, he sought employment at any honorable labor which he was able to perform, and finding work labored so arduously and hoarded his resources so carefully that in a few years he was able to buy property and establish himself as an agriculturist. From year to year he manifested the same industry and frugality by means of which he secured his first capital and placed his affairs on a more substantial basis.

Mr. Dirksmeyer is a Prussian, born July 22, 1822, in the kingdom which takes precedence among the states of the German Empire. His parents, Joseph and Eva (Paulmeyer) Dirksmeyer, were natives of the Fatherland and occupied a farm upon which our subject spent his early life. He received a good education in his native language and since he came to America has acquired a fair knowledge of English. During the Revolution in Baden Mr. Dirksmeyer served in the Prussian Army. The land beyond the sea offered attractions to him which led to his departure from his native clime in 1850, on board a sailing vessel, which set out from Bremen and after a voyage of nine weeks anchored at New Orleans.

Mr. Dirksmeyer came direct to Calhoun County, Ill., where he first found work as a wood chopper and lumberman, doing most of his chopping for $1 per cord. He was engaged in these employments about two years, after which he bought a tract of land on section 13, Hamberg Precinct, and made his home there for a number of years. About twenty years ago he settled on the farm he now owns and operates, which consists of three hundred and sixty acres, whose fertile soil has been carefully and intelligently tilled and which has been supplied with every needed improvement.

Realizing the worth of a faithful companion, Mr. Dirksmeyer won for his wife Thakla Abeln, to whom he was married in 1854. Twelve children came to bless the happy union. William, Mary, Joseph, John, Sophia, August, Anton, Anne and Frank are living; John H., Henry and Peter are deceased. Mary is now the wife of E. Meyer, and Sophia of M. Kelle. The wife and mother passed away in 1881, leaving behind her the memory of an industrious and useful life.

Mr. Dirksmeyer is a believer in and a supporter of the principles laid down by the Democratic party, and molds his life according to the teachings of the Catholic Church, to which he belongs. He has served as School Director and is now Road Commissioner of Hamburg Precinct. He is justly classed among the public-spirited and leading German citizens of the county and has won the goodwill of his acquaintances.

Extracted 16 Mar 2017 by Norma Hass from Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois, published in 1891, pages 366-369.

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