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1891 Biography - Jerome Frazer

JEROME B. FRAZER, M. D. Among the representatives of the medical profession in Calhoun County a good rank is held by Dr. Frazer of Point. He was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, on October 23, 1818, was reared in his native State and assisted in farm labors during his youth. At the age of eighteen he began teaching winter schools, continuing his agricultural work during the summers until he was twenty-one years old. He then spent two years in prosecuting his studies at Blendon Young Men's Seminary twelve miles north of Columbus, after which he continued his pedagogical labors four years. During that time he devoted every leisure moment to the study of medicine, and in 1847 entered the office of Dr. Mayne at New Richland, Logan County. During the session of 1848-49 Mr. Frazer attended the medical department of the Western Reserve University in Cleveland, and in the spring of 1849 began practice with his former preceptor.

In 1850 Dr. Frazer came to Illinois, locating in Sangamon County and turned his attention to agricultural life for a few years. In 1856 he resumed his professional work in Douglas County and in 1866-67 went to Cincinnati, Ohio, to still further extend his knowledge of his favorite science. He was graduated from the Eclectic Medical Institute in February and opened an office in Macoupin County, practicing there three years. He sought a better field of labor and removed to Palmer, Christian County, where he resided four years. He then bought a fruit farm in Effingham County and spent two years in horticultural pursuits, which, although enjoyable in a certain sense, were not remunerative. Piatt County became the next home of the Doctor, but in 1880 he removed to Holliday, Fayette County. A year later he returned to Palmer, made that city his home four years, thence went to Brussels and after a short sojourn took possession of his present home.

The first marriage of Dr. Frazer was solemnized in 1846, his bride being Miss Sarah Peters, of Pickaway County, Ohio. She was called from time to eternity in June, 1853, leaving a daughter, Alice, who married Jones Hoffhines and now lives in Leon, Denton County, Iowa. October 9, 1855, Dr. Frazer was united in marriage with Jane A. Snyder, a native of Wyandotte County, Ohio. This marriage has been blest by the birth of five children: Emma, Willie H., John J., Cora and Alfred. The latter died July 26, 1890, at the age of twenty-six years. Mrs. Frazer and the children belong to the Methodist Episcopal Church and are highly respected for their consistent Christian characters. Dr. Frazer is possessed of more than ordinary information, won a good record as an instructor during his early years and is a skillful physician.

Dr. Frazer is of Scotch ancestry in the paternal line, his grandfather Alexander Frazer having been born and reared in Scotland. He emigrated from his native land to the island of Bermuda and thence came to the United States, making his home in Virginia. He was engaged in farming in Loudoun County until 1790 when he removed to the Northwest Territory, becoming a pioneer in the part now included in Ohio. That section of country was then a wilderness, in which there were no markets and Mr. Frazer used to go to Virginia on horseback to get a little sack of corn meal. He secured land and improved a farm, residing thereon some years ere becoming a resident of what is now Pickaway County. There also he bought and improved land and there he spent the remnant of his days.

Alexander Frazer, the father of our subject, was born in Loudoun County, Va., and reared in Ohio. In 1820 he removed with his family to the Prairie State, journeying on the Ohio and Wabash Rivers in a keel boat. The country was very new and his father, who accompanied him, wished to return to Ohio and after a few months they did so. Alexander Frazer, Jr., had bought a half section of land in Crawford County which he sold and on his return to the Buckeye Slate bought in Pickaway County. Four years later he sold the property and changed his location to what is now Wyandotte County where he spent the remainder of his life. His wife, formerly Hannah Swisher, was born in New Jersey and was of German extraction. Her father, Abraham Swisher, removed from New Jersey to Ohio, making Pickaway County his home. There he continued the farm labors in which he had formerly been engaged, improving a good tract of land. The mother of our subject died on the home farm in Wyandotte County after having reared four children, of whom our subject is the second. The others are Harriet, Abraham and Joseph.

Extracted 16 Mar 2017 by Norma Hass from Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois, published in 1891, pages 452-453

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