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1891 Biography - Edward Hosey

EDWARD HOSEY. In every human life there is much of interest, and in our Album we seek to give biographical sketches of those men prominently connected with the history of the community in which they reside. True, at a casual glance it would seem that people were narrowed down to a few types, but not so, for each person has an individuality that under all circumstances will assert itself. There are few things in life that call forth a greater amount of enthusiastic praise than is accorded a man who being compelled to battle with adverse circumstances has mastered them.

Mr. Hosey was born in Monroe County, Ill., on the 10th of June, 1824; his father, who was a native of England, was numbered among the pioneers of this county, making his home for some time in Ft. Chartres, and dying in Randolph County in 1826. Our subject's mother was born in Randolph County of French descent and was the mother of two children, Edward, and Mary B., who married Mr. LaRamie.

Mr. Hosey was but two years of age when deprived by death of the loving care of his parents and was reared by strangers in Randolph County. At an early age he had great responsibilities and cares thrown upon him and being dependent upon his own efforts soon acquired habits of industry and economy that have been of inestimable service to him in his journey through life. He remained in Randolph County until he had attained his sixteenth year, at which time he proceeded forth to wrestle with stern Fortune for her smiles. After traveling through a number of States, at the end of six months he located in Calhoun County where he first engaged in the lumber business and was in a short time able to purchase his present property. This land was then covered with heavy timber and it required indomitable courage and great energy to clear it and prepare the soil for agricultural purposes.

Mr. Hosey owns one hundred and sixty acres of land on section 28, in Richwoods Precinct, and is generally conceded to be one of the most enterprising and industrious farmers in this part of the county. In politics he is a Democrat dyed in the wool. He was married in 1848 on the 18th of March to Miss Elizabeth Brazil, a native of Missouri. Mrs. Hosey departed this life at the home farm in July, 1883, leaving twelve children, viz: John C., Henry, Mary, Margaret, Christopher, Samuel, Lucinda, Sarah, Julia, Eddie, Annie and Lewis.

Mr. Hosey furnishes one of the illustrations of what energy, strength of character and strict integrity can accomplish, however adverse circumstances may be, and it would be impossible in a brief biographical sketch to render full justice to one possessing such traits of character. Suffice it to say that his has been a life tinged alike with the gloom of adversity and the brightness of success and through each he has labored faithfully to advance both his own interests and those of others who crossed his path way.

Extracted 23 Mar 2017 by Norma Hass from Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois, published in 1891, page 781

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