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1891 Biography - Henry Imming

HENRY IMMING, a retired merchant of Brussels, Calhoun County, is a fine type of self-made men who have been successful in business, and accumulated a competence through the exercise of their mental and physical faculties He was born in Hanover, Germany, October 15, 182_, His father, Hermann Henry Imming, was also a native of Hanover and was born in the same house as the son. He learned the trade of a weaver, and operated a hand loom, until his death in 1834. He married Margaret Schmidt, who was a life-long resident of Hanover, dying there in 1884 when nearly eighty years old. She reared three children. His son Hermann came to America and settled in Hardin Township, Calhoun County, where he died; Garrett still resides in Hanover.

Henry Imming was the youngest son of the family and was given a substantial education in the schools of his native land, which he attended regularly until he was fifteen years old. At that age he was apprenticed to learn the trade of a shoemaker and served three years. He carried on that occupation until 1852 when he decided to emigrate to America and find what life held for him in this land of splendid opportunities. He set sail from Bremerhaven in the month of October in the sail vessel, "John Long" and landed at New Orleans on the 24th of December. Thence he proceeded to St. Louis, and worked at his trade in that city one year prior coming to Calhoun County. After his arrival here he settled a quarter of a mile from where he now resides and renting a home, followed his calling five years.

At the expiration of that time Mr. Imming concluded to change his place of residence and then bought the estate where he now resides. When he located here there were but two houses in the business part of Brussels, and the surrounding country was still in a wild, sparsely settled condition with deer, turkeys and other game roaming over the site of the present village. Mr. Imming first built a log house near where his present buildings stand, and carried on his trade there five years. Then he erected a commodious two-story brick building in which he put a stock of goods and engaged in the mercantile business. He kept a general store, including dry-goods and groceries, hats, caps, boots, shoes, hardware and in fact most everything in daily use in the house and for out-of-door wear. He continued in business until 1886, and was very successful financially. He was then succeeded by his son Herman R., who is conducting a profitable trade.

Mr. Imming has one of the pleasant homes of this part of the county, which is presided over by his amiable wife, who is an excellent housewife and knows well how to make the inmates of the household comfortable. They were married in 1852, and to them have come four children — Herman, John, Lena and Mary. Mrs. Imming bore the maiden name of Elizabeth Bullions, and was born in Hanover, Germany. The family are held in high consideration in the community, and are among the leading members of the St. Mary's Catholic Church. During his business career our subject showed himself to possess a fine capacity for business and to be intelligent, energetic, wide-awake in his transactions and always square in his dealings with others. He is one of the good citizens of the place and is not lacking in public spirit where he can promote the welfare of Brussels. In politics he can always be found supporting the Democratic ticket. The attention of the reader is directed to a view on another page of the residence and other substantial improvements on the homestead of Mr. Imming.

Extracted 16 Mar 2017 by Norma Hass from Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois, published in 1891, pages 586-589

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