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1891 Biography - John Linkogel

JOHN A. LINKOGEL, Superintendent of the Infirmary of Calhoun County, is the subject of our present sketch, and is a gentleman who ranks among the most highly respected citizens in his county. Mr. Linkogel was born in Hanover, Germany, November 1, 1830. He attended school in his native country and was busily employed through the vacations and the long winter evenings when he would spin flax. At the age of fourteen he came with his parents to America, but remembers distinctly every incident connected with his life in the old country and the trip to the new home. At the age of sixteen he commenced to learn the blacksmith's trade, serving three years in St. Charles, Mo. He worked there until 1852, at which time he removed to Grafton, Jersey County, Ill., where he opened a shop and continued to work at his trade in Grafton and Otterville until the year 1862.

Mr. Linkogel enlisted in the Civil War in 1862, joining Company C, Fourteenth Illinois Cavalry, and served in Kentucky and Tennessee where his regiment acted with Gen. Morgan's forces. He served up to May 30, 1863, at which date he was honorably discharged owing to physical disability. He at once returned to Jersey County and resumed his business in Otterville for a time. He afterward removed to Grafton, remaining there three years and then returned to Otterville. In 1880 he removed to Hardin. He worked at his trade until 1886, at which time he was elected Superintendent of the County Infirmary. He fills this position most creditably both to himself and others and has gained a vast amount of influence in this community by his regular habits and progressive spirit.

Our subject was married in 1852 to Mrs. Elizabeth Lehmkuhl, whose birth occurred in Missouri. Their marriage has been blessed with nine children, viz: Francis M., Allie, John T., Joseph E., James A., Emil E., Eva L., Clarence and Annie. Allie and Annie are deceased. Mr. Linkogel is a member of Calhoun Post, No. 448, G. A. R., and also of Calhoun Lodge, No. 792, A. F. & A. M.

Our subject's father, Francis Linkogel, was born in Hanover, Germany, and was a tailor by trade. He pursued this occupation until 1844, at which time he formed a colony and emigrated to America, bringing his wife and three of his four children with him. They set sail from Bremen in October and landed at New Orleans. Texas was the destination the colony had in view, consequently they embarked on a steamer and sailed up the Mississippi and Red Rivers as far as Alexandria. At that point they were detained on account of low water. The colony selected three members, of which our subject's father was one, to proceed with the trip in order to ascertain the local facilities and desirability of Texas. Two of the number did not like the Lone Star State, so Francis Linkogel and others of the party went to St. Louis and then to St. Charles County. Mo. He bought a tract of land there with the intention of farming, but died in one year after settling on his new property. His widow continued to reside there with her children up to the time of her death. She was the mother of four children, viz: Joseph, John A., Theresa and Frank.

Nearly every known country has contributed to the population of the United States, and bringing with them habits of industry and activity as a rule they make valuable citizens. Germany has at all times been noted for the industry and strength of character of her citizens, and Mr. Linkogel has inherited from his ancestors the habits of perseverance and consistency that are sure to win success in the long run whatever obstacles may intervene between the beginning and the desired goal. Mrs. Linkogel had one child by her former husband, William H., who resides in Jersey County, Ill.

Extracted 23 Mar 2017 by Norma Hass from Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois, published in 1891, pages 716-717

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