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1891 Biography - Edward Poor

EDWARD B. POOR. The fertile soil of Calhoun County affords a sustenance to many enterprising farmers and their families, and also supplies the wants of a large number of business men, farm products finding a ready market. Among the successful tillers of the soil in Hamburg Precinct is Edward B. Poor, who occupies a leading position among the citizens, and is meeting with a very satisfactory degree of success in that which he has chosen for his life work. His estate consists of six hundred and fifty-five acres of land, most of which is under cultivation, and it is supplied with all needed improvements in the way of farm buildings, etc.

Mr. Poor is still quite young, having been born April 10, 1857, and is a native of the county throughout which he has become well known. His father, the late William A. Poor, was born in Lincoln County, Mo., and was one of the men to whom the development of Hamburg Precinct is due. When he came to Calhoun County he settled on timber land which he labored to clear and prepare for cultivation, enduring in the meantime some of the usual hardships. His ability and worth of character were recognized, and he was elected to the position of Justice of the Peace in which he acted for a number of years. He was a Democrat in politics. His death occurred March 15, 1890.

The mother of our subject, Martha A. (Mozier) Poor, is a native of Calhoun County and belongs to a pioneer family. She is still living, now nearly three-score years of age. The survivors of the parental family besides our subject, include Luella, wife of George Howland; Penola, wife of John Wagner; Andrew, a resident of Hamburg; Wesley, whose home is in Calhoun County; and Charles, who also lives in this county.

Mr. Poor of whom we write can recall many scenes which, contrasted with those which now meet his sight, illustrate the progress that has been made during the few decades which have elapsed since his boyhood. He was educated in the public; schools which were not as thorough as at present, but which still gave all the studious-minded a fair insight into the more practical branches of knowledge. By reading and observation he has extended his own information, particularly on all subjects which have a bearing upon his vocation. His property has been acquired by his personal efforts, ably seconded by the prudence of a faithful wife who was willing to join her fate with his, although he was destitute of means when they were married.

Mrs. Poor bore the maiden name of Emma Peeler and became the wife of our subject February 15, 1880. Like him she is a native of the county and belongs to a pioneer family, her parents being John and Eva (Carpunky) Peeler. Four children have come to bless their happy union, upon whom have been bestowed the names of Frank, James, Serena and Eva.

Mr. Poor is recognized as a man of public spirit, and the favor in which he is held by his fellow citizens is indicated by the positions of trust and responsibility to which he has been elected. In November, 1887, he was elected County Commissioner for a term of three years, and he had previously served four years as a Justice of the Peace, and for a lengthy period as a School Director. At present he is filling the office of President of the Town Board of Hamburg.

Extracted 16 Mar 2017 by Norma Hass from Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois, published in 1891, pages 576-579

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