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1891 Biography - Victor Pregaldin

VICTOR PREGALDIN. A native of sunny France, our subject was born in Lorraine, July 22, 1835. His father, Anton Pregaldin, was also a native of that beautiful vine-covered district, in which he spent his entire life, following the trade of a baker. His family consisted of three children, two of whom, Victor and Peter came to America, the latter being a resident of St. Louis. The daughter, Hermine, still resides in her native land.

Our subject attended school until eighteen years of age acquiring an excellent education, and then, filled with the ambitions of youth which ever looks to the beyond for a realization of its hopes, he decided to seek the shores of America, that land of promise and wide opportunities. Sailing from Havre, March 1, 1854, on the "Vanilusee" he landed at New Orleans on the 26th of April following. From that city he went to St. Louis, Mo., and soon after engaged in the lumber business, buying wood, hoop-poles, staves, etc., throughout the surrounding counties, chiefly in the Illinois counties of Calhoun, Jersey and Greene, and shipping down the river on barges or on rafts.

After his marriage in 1865 Mr. Pregaldin located on the farm of one hundred and sixty acres in Hardin Precinct, which he now owns and occupies, continuing for a few years to manage the lumber business also. The wife of our subject was formerly Mrs. Seraphine (Gaudard) De Ljharlais, a native of Canton Freiburg, Switzerland, and a daughter of John Gaudard. By her first marriage she became the mother of two daughters, Ellen and Elizabeth. Of her union with our subject, one son, Anton J., has been born.

Mr. Pregaldin is a Republican in politics and has served as a member of the School Board of District No. 4 ever since its organization. He was also the Census Enumerator for Hardin Precinct in 1890. Mr. Pregaldin is a very intelligent and well educated man, speaking several languages and constantly adding to his store of knowledge by a perusal of the best authors of the past and present. He and his family are justly held in high regard by the entire community.

Extracted 24 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois, published in 1891, pages 255-256.

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