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1891 Biography - CHARLES C. ROHNING

CHARLES C. ROHNING, M. D. Calhoun County has its fair share of skillful and educated professional men, but none more thoroughly versed than Dr. Rohning of Brussels. The profession which he chose is one in which several of his ancestors won renown and he has inherited the scientific tastes and practical skill which, backed by thorough schooling, have led to his own high standing. Among the people of Brussels and vicinity he is exceedingly popular and no medical man in this section is more highly spoken of on all sides. We invite the attention of the reader to his portrait on the opposite page.

In glancing over the ancestral history of Dr. Rohning's family we find Heinrich Rohning, who was born in Berlin, was graduated from a medical college in Paris and located for practice in Gottingen, Germany. This city was the birthplace of the next three generations of the family. Following Heinrich was Samuel who was graduated from the King's University at Berlin when twenty-five years old and practiced medicine in his native place, during the remainder of his life. The next in the direct line was Joseph who, after studying with his father, was graduated from the same college at the age of twenty-three years. He also returned to Gottingen to practice and is still living there, having now reached the age of one hundred and two years. Joseph Rohning married Ernestina Freundlich, a native of the same city as himself, who was removed by death in 1847. They reared two children, Gottlieb and Charles C., the elder of whom now lives in Zelle, Hanover, practicing the profession which seems hereditary in the family. This Dr. Rohning was graduated from the Hanover Medical College in Gottingen, also the King's University.

Dr. C. C. Rohning of whom we write, was born in Gottingen, in the Kingdom of Hanover, Germany, March 8, 1843. He received his classical education in the famous schools of his native city, and began the study of medicine with his father when but fifteen years old. Three years later he entered the King's University at Berlin, from which he was graduated in his twenty-second year. His father has been Regimental Surgeon upwards of forty years and during the war between Austria and Prussia in 1866, our subject accompanied him to the front as Assistant Surgeon.

On the 12th of October, 1869, Dr. Rohning set sail from Hamburg with the intention of founding a home in the United States. He landed at Castle Garden, N. Y., October 26, and at once located in St. Louis, Mo. After practicing in that city seven years he removed to Kansas City wherein he sojourned five years, then went to Orange County, Tex. In 1887 by the express wish of the people of Brussels he came here to practice, and although his field of labor is not perhaps as grand a one as life would have in a metropolis, he is doing great good and securing the admiration and love of the people. The marriage of Dr. Rohning and Miss Dora Rohning, a native of Hermann, Mo., was solemnized at the bride's home January 26, 1882. Her parents, Christian and Lizzie Rohning, were born in Luckau, Hanover, and died in Missouri. Doctor and Mrs. Rohning belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church at Brussels. Mrs. Rohning is an intelligent, amiable woman, thoroughly versed in the housewifely arts for which the women of her race are noted, and imbued with a kindly benevolent spirit that makes her useful wherever woman's sympathy is needed. Dr. Rohning is descended from a long-lived race. His paternal grandfather lived to the age of one hundred and seven years and the wife of that gentleman, formerly Henrietta Sachs, died when one hundred and four years old, at which age she could thread a needle without the use of glasses.

Extracted 08 Dec 2016 by Norma Hass from Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois, published in 1891, pages 234-236.

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