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1891 Biography - John Rose

JOHN D. ROSE. This name will be at once recognized as that of the editor and proprietor of the Calhoun Herald, published at Hardin, and his many friends will he pleased to see an account of his life and labors in this Album. The life of a country editor is one which calls for an unfailing supply of tact, a keen appreciation of the wants of the people in regard to news, and the faculty of wielding scissors and pen rapidly and efficiently. The journals published in our smaller towns and villages are expected to furnish their readers with all the important items of local and general information, and few consider that the facilities afforded the editor, are much less than those of his city brother, with whose sheet his own must compete in interest. No one, therefore, is more deserving of credit when successful, or of sympathy if unsuccessful, than an editor.

A brief glance at the ancestral history will show whence Mr. Rose derives his persevering, enterprising spirit, and the mental qualities which, combined therewith are giving him success in the journalistic field. Going back a few generations we come to Francis M. Rose, a native of Virginia, and the son of a German emigrant, Francis Rose became a pioneer in Giles County, Tenn., and there his son, William W., spent his entire life. The latter married Lucinda Hickman, a native of Tennessee, who is still living; in Giles County, being now eighty-five years old.

In the family of the couple just mentioned is a son, Francis M., who was born in Giles County, Tenn., November 8, 1822. He received an academic education, and in his early manhood began teaching, carrying on his labors in his native State until 1849, then going to Missouri and continuing his profession there. After a time he joined an exploring expedition, and traveled with wagons and on horseback through the territory now embraced in Kansas, Nebraska, and the Indian Territory. In July, 1853, he came to Calhoun County, Ill., and began teaching in the northern part of the county. With the exception of one year, this county has been his home since that lime. For a time he was engaged in dealing in staves, which in the early history of the county was extensively carried on, but the greater part of his time has been devoted to farming and school teaching. His family consists of six children, the subject of this sketch being the third in order of birth.

In this county, December 30, 1855, Francis Rose was married to Lavina Leeper. That lady was born in Marion County, Ind., February 15, 1839, and her parents were natives of Kentucky and Virginia, respectively. She accompanied them to St. Charles County, Mo., in 1849, but a year later they took up their residence in Calhoun County, this State, where both died in 1852. Besides our subject the family of Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Rose includes William T., whose home is at Summit Grove; Mary L., wife of T. N. Tharp, living in Carlin Precinct; Francis L., whose home is in Crater Precinct; Henry A., who lives in the same precinct; and Jesse L., who died when eighteen years old.

The gentleman who is the subject of this biographical sketch, was born on a farm in Crater Precinct, October 22, 1860. He was reared and educated in the county, beginning to assist his father on the farm when quite .young, but devoting every spare moment to his studies. He had an ardent desire for knowledge, quickness of comprehension, and the strong will which enabled him to acquire information while others were pursuing the sports of the young. When twenty-one years old he began teaching, making that his business until 1890. He imbued his pupils with something of his own spirit and love of learning, and won their good will by his heartfelt sympathy. During the period which be devoted to pedagogy, Mr. Rose was also a representative of some of the best fire and life insurance companies in the United States. On January 25, 1890, he purchased the plant of the Calhoun Herald, and is now devoting himself with assiduity to the work of an editor. He has a job office, and is working up an excellent business in that department. He continues his insurance business, but gives himself particularly to journalism.

For a few short years Mr. Rose enjoyed a happy married life, having been wedded August 19, 1885, to Eva M. Nevius, who passed away August 4, 1889. Mrs. Rose was born at Summit Grove, this county, November 7, 1860, being a daughter of D. S. H. and Sarah Nevius. She was an intelligent, lovable woman, whose early death is mourned by many sincere friends. She left one son, Guy D. Mr. Rose belongs to Calhoun Lodge, No. 444, I. O. O. F. His bearing is gentlemanly and courteous, his disposition kind, and his habits manly and upright. He is therefore well respected by those who know him and his future career will be watched with great interest.

Extracted 24 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois, published in 1891, pages 252-255.

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