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1891 Biography - Augustus Roth

AUGUSTUS ROTH. The enterprising German citizen is to be found all over the Mississippi Valley, as in other parts of the United States, pushing his way ahead and uniformly proving industrious and frugal and becoming well-to-do. The subject of this sketch, a true child of the Fatherland, has built up a good farm in Crater Precinct, Calhoun County, and well merits representation in this Biographical Album.

The native place of our subject was Wurtemburg, Germany, and his natal day, August 11, 1826. His parents were John and Theresa Roth, who came of old German stock. Augustus received a good education in the German language and since he emigrated to America has acquired a fair knowledge of English, so that he is enabled to transact business with English-speaking citizens as accurately as with those of his own nationality. He was reared to farm life and has made it his occupation whenever circumstances would admit.

In October, 1852, Mr. Roth was united in marriage with Frances Kramer, who was born in Wurtemburg, May 16, 1826, to Anton and Julia A. Kramer. Accompanied by his young bride Mr. Roth left the Fatherland and reaching Havre took passage on a sailing vessel and after a voyage of nearly three weeks disembarked at New York City. For several years the young couple made their home in Ulster County, N. Y., where the husband busied himself in different occupations as opportunities presented themselves. In the spring of 1858, they turned their footsteps westward and reaching Calhoun County made it their permanent home.

The first land purchased by Mr. Roth was an eighty-acre tract for which he paid the sum of $80 and which he still owns. A rude log cabin stood in a three-acre clearing and the rest of the land was almost in the condition in which the Indians left it, the most of the acreage being covered with timber. Assiduous toil and well-directed efforts reclaimed the land, and cleared the subsequent purchases from timber, making of the entire estate, which consists of two hundred acres, a fine and fruitful farm. A view of this pleasant homestead appears on another page.

The old log cabin still stands as one of the pioneer landmarks of the neighborhood, but was long since abandoned as a family residence, being supplanted by a substantial and commodious structure, whose neatness and order attest to the housewifely skill of Mrs. Roth. This lady has ably seconded her husband in his efforts to acquire a good home and to rear their children in such a manner as to fit them for honorable and useful positions in life. Her prudent management of household affairs and the good counsel which she has given are recognized by our subject as important factors in his success.

Mr. and Mrs. Roth have two living children: Lawrence and Joseph, and they have been called upon to part with three daughters who bore the names of Mary, Rosina and Frances. Mr. and Mrs. Roth are active members of society and enjoy the confidence of their neighbors and acquaintances, being especially well regarded by their associate members of the Catholic Church. Mr. Roth always deposits a Democratic vote upon election day.

Extracted 24 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois, published in 1891, page 292.

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