Calhoun County

Ingle Family Cemetery

The Ingle family cemetery is located on Hoemmen Lane near Beechville on the Mississippi River Road approximately 4 1/2 miles south of Batchtown. It is in section 33, range 2 west, of township 12 south.

Ingle Family Cemetery, rural Batchtown, Calhoun County, IL from records of Irene Ingle Manker (daughter of Columbus and Ida Ingle) 1983

Numbers listed correspond to a drawing of the cemetery done by Richard J. Miller, grandson of Irene Ingle Manker.

(There have been people buried there since 1983 (including Armond Jones) but don't have those listed.)

  1. William Thomas Ingle 1822-1893
  2. Mary V. Ingle 1827-1872 (first wife of William Thomas Ingle)
  3. Margaret Ann Ingle 1844-1917 (second wife of William Thomas Ingle)
  4. Alexander (Joel E.) Ingle died 1869
  5. Diton D. Ingle 1866-1910 (son of William T. and Mary Ingle)
  6. Small unnamed son of Diton D. Ingle died 1896
  7. Charles R. Gardner 1895-1896
  8. Ella Hinman Ingle (no stone, Wife of William Henry Ingle
  9. Benjamin F. Ingle 1859-1927 (son of William T and Mary Ingle)
  10. Jennie Ingle 1861-1942 (wife of Benjamin F. Ingle)
  11. Columbus (Lum) Ingle 1976-1962 (son of William T and Margaret Ingle)
  12. Ida Wallendorff Ingle 1880-1961 (wife of Columbus Ingle)
  13. Joseph W. Ingle 1902-1977 (son of Columbus and Ida Ingle)
  14. Velma (Lytle) Perkowski 1914-1971 (sister of Oka (Lytle) Ingle, wife of Joseph W. Ingle)
  15. Eva Ingle DeVerger 1874-1949 (daughter of William T and Margaret Ingle)
  16. Frederick C. DeVerger 1866-1917 (husband of Eva Ingle DeVerger)
  17. Frederic W. DeVerger 1916 (infant son of Frederick C and Eve Ingle DeVerger)
  18. Joseph H. Wallendorff 1882-1936 (brother of Ida Wallendorff Ingle)
  19. Clara (Doll) J. Wallendorff 1877-1955 (wife of Joseph H. Wallendorff)
  20. Marion Wallendorff 1908-1959 (son of Joseph H. and Clara J. Wallendorff)
  21. Helen Wallendorff 1911 (daughter of Joseph H. and Clara J. Wallendorff)
  22. Clemence G. Wallendorff 1850-1938
  23. Olivia Wallendorff 1856-1947
  24. Arch Wallendorff 1886-1958
  25. Ethel M (DeVerger) Wallendorff 1891-1958
  26. Gladys Wallendorff 1900-1918 (daughter of JA and Etta Wallendorff)
  27. Infant Wallendorff (child of JA and Etta Wallendorff)
  28. James A. Anderson 1878-1960
  29. Leo Hill died 1967 (son of Rufus and Mary Hill)
  30. Mary Lou Hill (daughter of Curtis Hill, granddaughter of Rufus and Mary Hill)
  31. Mallie Shopper 1895-1918 (World War I veteran died in Camp of Flu)
  32. George J. Evering 1844-1921
  33. Minervia J. Evering 1855-1906
  34. George W or William Henry Ingle (grave unmarked)
  35. 2 or 3 infants of FC and Eva DeVerger (unmarked graves)
  36. 2 or 3 infants of BF and Jennie Ingle (unmarked graves)
  37. An itinerant peddler (name unknown) who drowned in a pond
  38. Armond Jones

Submitted and Copyright held by: Richard and Marsha Miller [email protected]

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