Calhoun County

Smith Family Photos

Doctor Peter Cartwright Barry

Born 31 Jul 1841, in Waterford, Ireland ~ died 1911
Married Jersey Delong Smith 8 Sep 1868 by Fr. Roostemeyer

Jersey Delong Smith Barry

Wife of P.C. Barry born 17 May 1847, Jersey county, IL; died 7 Jan 1926 daughter of Levi & Mary Delong Smith

The Smith Family

Back of picture reads: "My dad visiting in Calhoun county with his half-brother & wife in 1937. Evelyn Haas" - Believed to be William Temple Smith with his half-brother, Robert Bruce Smith, his wife Bertha Ann Behrens Smith.

The George B. Smith Family ~ 1894

L-R: Ethel, age 9; Freddie, abt. 6 mo's.; Dr. George Bruce Smith; Mollie Temple Smith; front, Carl, abt. 4 yrs.; Georgia, age 6.

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