Calhoun County

1934 History of Calhoun County


Calhoun County is one of the few counties of the state not yet represented by a volume recounting its history. In 1876, John Lammy, a teacher and county official, delivered a speech at the Centennial celebration in Hardin. This speech was printed and it is sometimes referred to as the "Lammy History of Calhoun County". But it was only a thousand words in length and failed even to mention many of the important phases of the county's history.

The present account is written to give the general reader of the student of history a broad outline of the county's development. No attempt has been made to exhaust any phase of the subject. Some events are explained from the standpoint of cause and effect, while others are merely stated. But it is the hope of the writer that this account will serve as a basis for more complete studies by students of Calhoun history.

The writer wishes to thank the many teachers, ministers, editors, and others who sent information and material on many different subjects.

Hardin, Illinois


Chapter I. The Indians, the First Inhabitants

Chapter II. Early Explorers

Chapter III. Early Settlers

Chapter IV. The Formation of Calhoun County

Chapter V. Early Villages and Communities

Chapter VI. Population and Population Changes

Chapter VII. History of Calhoun Schools

Chapter VIII. History of Calhoun Churches

Chapter IX. Transportation and Industries

Chapter X. Social Life

Chapter XI. Calhoun County in Politics

Chapter XII. 1913-1933

Appendix. Important Dates in Early Calhoun History

Extracted 20 May 2017 by Norma Hass from 1934 History of Calhoun County

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