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If you are looking for help with a Calhoun County ancestor line, please submit family group sheet information along with your challenge.

2018 Apr 21

Nancy Caroline JONES, or Caroline N. JONES, was the twin sister of my grandpa, J. Valentine JONES and married James CLENDENNY before 1900 at age 17 and had three children. Died young age 31. We have no obituary, wedding announcement, bridal or baby showers, etc. Nothing on her that is the slghtest bit personal. A shame that we know nothing about her. If you can help, it would be appreciated.

Bob (Jones) Fahrig, son of Bertha Jones Fahrig, [email protected]

2017 Sep 03

I have seen a KS newspaper article stating that three men fishing were shot at by Calhoun constable and possee. The article was dated April 27, 1883. This took place on the IL side of IL river around Capan Gris. Hoping for more information on this as man killed William WILLOUGHBY might be greatgrandfather, but I don't know where he lived at the time. I can find no other reference. Could you steer me in the direction of a reference to this event? Thank you, Jean Brandt, [email protected], Greenwood, AR

"At Capan Gris, Mo., on Monday night, a fisherman named Willoughby was shot dead by Constable Dave Smith, of Calhoun county, Ill., because he refused to quit fishing in the river at that point." Source: The Cairo Daily Bulletin, 19 Apr 1883

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