Calhoun County


Robbery in Calhoun

Robbers broke into the store of Gary Clendenny at Bay City, 16 miles north of Hardin, Calhoun County, Wednesday night, and got away with about $500, according to reports from Hardin. Mr. Clendenny discovered the theft when he opened the store Thursday Morning and immediately notified the Authorities. Sheriff Gotway sent to Springfield for the blood hounds which were taken to Calhoun Thursday afternoon. The dogs took the scent and followed it for about two miles south, when they lost it. It is thought the robbers got into a buggy at that point and drove away. Mr. Clendenny was postmaster at Bay City, the post office being located in his general store, and about $150 of the stolen money was post office money.

It is reported that the safe in the Clendenny store was not locked. The residents of Calhoun are an upright lot of people and a robbery is so unusual an occurrence that no doubt it is not considered necessary to lock up valuable as dwellers in less righteous communities do. The Calhoun jail has long been famed for its lack of occupants. However offenders against the law are justly punished in the Kingdom and Sheriff Gotway is determined to find the guilty ones if possible.

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